Agenda Agenda Packet
I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Public Comment
IV. Approval of Meeting Minutes
A. April 11, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
B. Semi-Annual Review of Closed Session Meeting Minutes
V. Treasurer's Report
VI. Accountant's Report - Lauterbach & Amen, LLP
A. Monthly Financial Report
B. Presentaion and Approval of Bills
C. Additional Bills, if any
VII. Investiment Report - Wall & Associates
A. Quarterly Investment Report
B. Review/Update Investment Policy
C. Discussion/Possible Action Regarding Commodities Portfolio
VIII. Applications for Membership/Withdrawals from Fund
A. Application for Membership - Samuel Savage
IX. Applications for Retirement/Disability Benefits
X. Old Business
A. Portability Update - Chadd Kaiser
B. Appointed Member Term Expiration- Jeff Feld
XI. New Business
A. Board Officer Elections - President, VIce President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary
i. FOIA Officer and OMA Designee
B. Review/Approve - Actuarial Valuation
C. Tax Levy Request
D. Review/Approve - Municipal Compliance Report
E. IDOI Annual Statement
XII. Trustee Training Updates
XIII. Communication & Reports
A. Affidavits of Continued Eligibility
B. Active Member File Maintenance
XIV. Attorney's Report
A. Legal Updates
B. Approval of Regular Retirement Benefits Written Decision & Order and Certificant of Payment - James A. Harris
XV. Closed Session, if needed
XVI. Adjournment